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Meet Bruno - AKC Black Tri Bulldog Stud

These photos were taken at 3 months and already this little fellow has all the right looks.

Bruno has been siring puppies for us since December of 2011. We look forward to many awesome puppies from this bloodline.

See this video taken in February 2012 of all our English Bulldog Stud's here

Bruno's Mother - Tiger

Bruno's Father - Tonka

Hi Beth,
Buzz and I finally took the time to enjoy ourselves outside and get some pictures......
He is a GOOD BOY!
Thank you again for letting this boy be a part of our lives.

Buzz is 5 months old in these photos, what a beautiful boy he has turned out to be. :)

This little boy HamBone is one of Nellie and Tonka's babies born in the winter of 2012. From the same bloodline of our Bruno.

This is HamBone at 8 weeks old.

HamBone SOLD

Yes this is a black tri bulldog. View the video for a better look at his color and markings.

This little boy is quite the character! I love the way he is always giving me eye contact.

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